Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Check Out The Clothes!!

Oh my lord, can you believe the size difference between the clothes?? Isn't it amazing how much kids grow in three years...Noah is in a size 3 now and the babies clothes are 0000. Its hard to imagine that Noah once fitted into clothes that small! I showed Craig and he layed his clothes out next to the boys, I will have to get a photo of that because its amazing to see how much we grow!

By the way, thats the first time I've referred to both the kids as "the boys", it seems so weird! Wait until I have to go and pick "the boys" up from school, or I take "the boys" to the movies or "the boys and I" go to the park...I think its starting to sink in that soon there will actually be TWO little boys running around my house!

More Picci's!

Noah is looking so grown up isn't he!
Poor little bugger, he couldn't even make it up off the floor!

The Egg That Isn't Cracking

Here's the egg you sent over Chantelle! I put in water just like it said and its been there for was supposed to crack after 12-24 and by 48 the dinosaur was supposed to pop out! But nothing has happened! I swear I did it right...maybe it needs a helping hand. Do you think I should hit it with a spoon or something?!

I swear this picture makes Noah look like he has "farmer arm's" already!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Afternoon Nap Time :-)

Both my boys are asleep, the house is so quiet and peaceful...and tidy! Craig went mountain bike riding this morning and I think its worn him out! And Noah, well he's just gone to sleep. He hasn't done anything all day!

BBQ at Nanny Jill's and Poppy Dazza's

We called in to see Nanny Jill and Poppy Daz last night and they were having a bbq with Sue, Jeff and Cameron, so we kind of ended up staying! I think Jeff is Noah's new best friend...

Weird Dreams...

I don't know what it is with my friends lately, but they seem to be dreaming about me! Last week I went and had lunch with Brooke and I said that I didn't mind where we went because I wasn't very hungry. She looked at me and asked if I felt sick because she had dreamt the night before that I had turned up for lunch but didn't feel well!
Now I thought that was just a coincidence, but this morning Craig and I were talking about names for this baby and I came up with a new one that I liked (and no I'm not saying what it is!). Anyway, then my phone beeps and there's a message from Emily saying she had a dream last night that we called the baby this particular name that Craig and I had just been discussing!! How weird is that??

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Deloraine Show!

We ended up going to the show today, it was such a nice day! Noah had a great time and we actually didn't spend a lot of money. Everything at the show is so expensive! I think we walked around the whole thing in about 15minutes, it wasn't very big. But we met up with Natalie, Jamie-Lee and Coby so Noah went on the jumping castle with them. I swear they must have been on there for over half an hour! At least you got your money's worth I guess! Pitty they didn't have a seat for me to sit on though...

Policeman Noey again!

Helicopter Pilot Noey!

Craig and Noah on the Dodgem Cars...I'm not sure if Noah liked it or not! He didn't look very impressed when someone ran into them but he said it was fun!

Noah and Coby on the jumping castle!

Noah wasn't sure what to make of the puppet! They did a singing show, it was really good!

Less Than 3 Weeks To Go!

Less than three weeks to go until this baby arrives! I had to go into the hospital on Thursday and they booked me in for a caesarian on December 15th at 11.30am. Its like booking in for a hair cut isn't it...

Anyway, I'm actually feeling much more relaxed now that I know I am booked in. I can still decide not to have it if I want to try normally, but given the fact they said I'd only have about a 40% chance of being able to have him normally, I think I might spare the risk and just get it over and done with! The recovery will obviously be a lot longer but I know how disappointed I would be if I went through another 15 hour labor and still ended up with a c-section. Plus, this way I can guarantee he won't be born Christmas day! And we will be home by then too.

They think I will have to stay about 4days, I don't know how I'm going to go leaving Noah for that long. As nuts as he drives me sometimes, I've never been away from him for that long before! But I'm sure he'll have a great time wherever he ends up, and he can always come in to visit everyday.
The doctor didn't actually say exactly how big she thought the baby was, but she did say she thinks he is smaller than Noah was. And I think I am a lot smaller than what I was when I was having Noah, although I still feel huge! I guess he does still have some growing to do, he is only 36weeks.

I have got the nursery all ready to go, if you can call it that. Its set up in the corner of our fun for us! It will be fantastic when he has his own room.

But I am totally organised, clothes and sheets are washed. I've got all the bottles and formula ready to go, I just haven't actually packed my bags yet! But I'm sure I have plenty of time, although you never know...

Guitar Lessons

Noah has taken to watching School Of Rock, you know the movie with Jack Black in it! Anyway, he must really pay attention because he picked up the guitar this morning and said "Give me a G, like this" and wiggled his fingers! It was hilarious! (For those of you who haven't seen the movie, thats like a direct quote from movie!).

A Bucket Full Of Rice = Hours Of Entertainment!

Remember when we went to that Kid's Expo last week and I said how they had a bucket full of rice? Well the other day Noah and I got out the food colouring and dyed 20kg of rice! It was great fun and for $20, I think it will be pretty cheap entertainment for him!

Its 12.45am And I'm Still Up...

It is Friday night and most people probably think its totally normal to be still up at this time of night...well not me!! All I want to do is go to sleep, I'm so tired its not funny. But once again my legs are driving me insane and I could seriously cut them both off.
Anyway, thought I'd post some picci's of Noah while I was up and about and totally bored!

This is Noah in the tent we made today. I think its a really nice photo, he's looking so big though. It's scary!

And these two are the funny faces he pulled while I was trying to get the nice one! Thankfully it was third time lucky!

Ok, I'm off to bed to TRY and get some sleep! Hopefully Noah sleeps in like he did this morning - 10.30am! Can you believe it! It was fantastic! Hope you are all having a good night! Sweet dreams :-) xoxo

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yes, I'm A Big Wuss...

Oh my lord, today I had the fright of my life! Its a wonder it didn't put me into labor (I wish!). I got out of the car and went to get Noah out of his seat - and there was a massive spider ON MY ARM! Now maybe I really am just a big wuss, but I freaked out. As I'm sure you would! I just count my lucky stars I didn't squeal like a girl since I was parked right outside Mitre 10 and everyone in the whole street would have seen me!
Anyway, without thinking I swiped it off...straight back into the car! It landed on the floor and crawled under a sock. (Please don't ask why there was a sock on the floor of my car). So I stood there for about five minutes trying to work up the courage to kill it and eventually I picked up Noah's drink bottle and pounded it as hard as I could - and of course I missed! So off it crawled under the front seat, no doubt majorly peed off with me!
So then I had the embarrassing task of going into Mitre 10 and asking Daniel to come out and try and find the spider for me. After I swear 20 minutes of looking for it, he found it and stabbed it with a screw driver! Phew! I would just like to say that he is very brave, a lot braver than me anyway, and thank you thank you thank you!!!
Now I'm just hoping that huntsman don't come in pairs....

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Hayley's 2nd Birthday!

Today was Hayley's 2nd birthday so Noah and I went out for a visit. Can't believe she is two already! Where has the time gone...

Noah, Lachie and Ellie...Isn't this the best photo of them? They both look so grown up!

The birthday girl! She's riding Noah's bike, I swear she's almost better at than he is!

The boys swung so high on this I thought they were going to tip the whole swing-set over!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Noah The Forklift Driver!

We went to town today and Noah and Craig went swimming. Noah is absolutely loving it, he doesn't even mind getting his face wet now and he loves practicing to blow bubbles!

He looks like he's sucking up water but he is actually blowing bubbles I promise!

On the way home we called round to visit Uncle Trav at work. And there was a forklift parked in the driveway! Noah was in heaven!

The boys hard at work...

I liked this one just for Travis' facial expression!! And how much longer until "Mo-vember" is over??

Santa Has Come Early

On Saturday Noah insisted on putting together the baby's christmas present, and after hours of nagging I finally agreed. Well, its huge! And I have no idea how I'm going to wrap it for the baby to unwrap at christmas. But I have to admit that it has kept Noah entertained for days now! He loves sitting in it and making the doorbell ring. He even pulled his blanket in there and had a little lay down yesterday!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Things People Ask You...

I was outside tonight playing with Noah and Abbey, and the lady that lives next door came over and asked me...wait for I hang my washing out?! Or more to the point, how I get it off the line without actually having to undo all the pegs. I kinda just pull it off I guess, I don't know though I've never really thought about it! Its how I've always done my washing!

Anyway, she said she tried it and broke her pegs...obviously she wasn't doing it quite right! I laughed it off but when I hang my washing out tomorrow, I'd better make sure I'm not in my pj's since apparently I have a secret audience watching me!!!

Kid's Expo

Today Mum and I took Noey into Launceston to The Kid's Expo. It was held in the City Park and best of all...It was free!

There were heaps of kids there (and I mean heaps!) and lots of things to do. They had a jumping castle, face painting, different activities such as play dough, kite making and obstacle courses, and the City Park Train was running. And did I mention it was all free?? It was such a nice day, it was great to be outside in the sun.

That's Noey and I on the train. Yes, I managed to squash myself into the seat. And I mean squash...

Policeman Nosey!!!

I don't know exactly what that furry thing was meant to be, he had something to with the Scouts I think! Noah thought he was a big bunny rabbit and was totally fascinated with him!

Who would have thought something so simple would be so entertaining?! This is a box full of rice! I think I might make one for Noey to play with here, how hard can it be!

Noah giving the giant walking and talking carrot a cuddle!

Random Picci's!

Noah and Buzz Lightyear...The best of friends!

Abbey, hasn't she grown! She's still as hyper as ever tho and she still continues to pull washing off the line if I don't don't keep her in her pen! Don't think she'll ever learn.

A rare "cuddly Noey" time.

Yummy icecream from Seaport!

Thursday, November 16, 2006


Today the boys went swimming again, Noah is getting really good! He even got his hair wet today and he actually blew bubbles in the water without sucking it all up his nose! Hopefully it won't be long and he'll start trying to swim.

Noah decided to have a go on the kickboard, it didn't last long tho!

Then he tried blowing bubbles...he was actually really good at it!

Flying Noey!!

Balancing act!

He even managed to pick up at the pool! He's a lady's man thats for sure....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Basketball Update

My first post that has nothing to do with Noah, babies, needles or even me! We all just got home from watching Craig play basketball. Unfortunately the Angels went down to the Heat 68-62. But it was a great last quarter by the Angels, they were down by at least 20 and managed to get it back to just 6 points. Disappointing, but a good effort!

Sorry about the picture quality, it was the best I could manage! Will have to fiddle with the camera and see if I can do better next week...And by the way, thats Craig!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Things People Invite You To....

Today I received an invite in the mail to a farewell function for...wait for it...Mr Allen! Yes everyone, Mr Allen the dreaded Maths teacher!

Firstly, its on about the same time I imagine this baby will make his entrance so I won't be going. But secondly, I spent the whole of year 9 and 10 doing anything and everything I could to avoid going to Maths because I couldn't stand the guy! Sarah, I'm sure you remember this only too well....So good luck to him in his retirement and all, but I think he'll have to celebrate without me!!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Only Six Weeks To Go!

You all have no idea how dumb I feel taking photo's of myself! But I'm not planning on having a belly this big ever again so I thought I might as well get a snap-shot of it while I have the chance! Only six weeks to go until he is due, hopefully it will be a lot sooner.

And for Cara, Kristy and Bec who are all up in sunny Queensland at the moment, can you believe I am wearing jeans and long sleeves in the middle of November? That's just not right!

Monday's Mischief...

Craig is at work today so it's just Noey and I at home....or should I say Spiderman. Or perhaps Batman! They've both made an appearance today!

Spiderman helped make chocolate chip cookies this morning....

Then Batman played on the computer for awhile....

Noah returned for a little while to make this teddy (and a big mess all over the floor with all the bits of paper he insisted on cutting up!)....

But when I caught him hiding in my bedroom with my lipstick, the blame was all on "Spiderman"....

But good old funny face definitely belongs to Noah!