Thursday, September 27, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

My Christening Boys...

Here is Noah at his christening when he was almost 7 months old...

And here is Kaiden from his last week, at 9 months...

Aren't they cuties!!!

Random Pic's From The Last Week!

Fun in the sun!
Spiderman! They did face painting at Toddle Inn last Tuesday and no surprises what Noah chose to be :-)
Noah climbed into Kaiden's cot the other day....
And Kaiden loved it!!
This week Kaiden has sprouted THREE new teeth!!


Deloraine V Longford
10.10 (70) 6.6 (42)

What's a grand final without a big brawl??

Noey made a friend :-)

Patch getting carried off on the stretcher...

End of game celebrations!!

Deloraine up on stage getting their medals!

The boys!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Monday, September 17, 2007

Another Sore...

Kaiden woke up this morning with another staph sore...on the back of his neck. It doesn't seem to be worrying him though and I've slapped on some more cream. How many of these things is he going to get? :-(

Go Deloraine!!

On Saturday the Deloraine Reserves won their semi-final again George Town and now they are playing this coming Saturday in the GRAND FINAL against Longford!! How exciting! And Craig even made it into the best players! Well done :-)

There is Craig right in the centre of the picture, in the blue and white top. Number 19!

Matthew is number 24....about to take a mark!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kaiden's Christening!

Today was little Kaiden's big day - and he was a star! It was such a nice day, I had an absolute ball. The church service was really nice and afterwards a few people came back to our house for afternoon tea. We had a yummy yummy mud cake with Kaiden's chubby face on it - it was great!
It was so nice to have so many of our family and friends come. I was especially touched that three of Craig's best mates came...Matty, Simon and Bub...I'm sure church wouldn't be the finest of places to go on a Sunday arvo when you're dealing with a hang over! But it was great they came and hung out with Noah. He was super excited when we got to church..."Mum Mum, guess what! Simon is here!" :-)
Kaiden has the best Godparents a little boy could ask for...
Trav is Kaiden's Uncle and super fun, if he has his way he will soon become an avid fisherman and Richmond supporter!
Brookie is one of my bestest friends. We have been friends for 10 years now which I think has flown by...and she cuts our hair which is always an added bonus ;-) She loves little Kaiden, she spent long hours keeping us company when Kaiden was sick in hospital. She is a champion!
And lastly, my beautiful Cara. My football buddy :-) She is amazing with the kidlets and always makes us laugh...We have been friends for years and I love her heaps!
Thank you guys for being here for Kaiden, he sends you all big hugs and kisses!! xoxo

Kaiden's Christening!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spiderman X2!!!

Commando Kaiden!

Kaiden has really gotten this commando-crawling thing down pat. He can zoom all over the house now and he is so quick...and super happy!!

Summer Fun!

The warm weather is FINALLY starting to make an appearance - and it is more than welcome!! Both the boys are so happy being outside, much better than being couped up inside for days on end. Bring on summer!! :-)