Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Carols By The River...

The weekend before christmas we had Carols By Candlelight down by the river. We weren't even sure if we were going to go or not, the kids had had a long day and we weren't sure if Kaiden would be into it. I am so glad we decided to go!! It was a really warm evening so it was great to be sitting outside. And when we got there, half Noah's Kinder class were there. Literally! They all had a great time dancing together and singing along to the songs, even Kaiden loved it!
I'm so glad we went, we'll definately be going again next year!

My Clever Little Noah...

Noah has now officially finished Kinder! I can't believe it. The year has gone so quickly and I am totally not ready for him to start going to school all day, EVERY DAY. Noah is completely ready for it though, it's all he can talk about. He's totally excited. I, on the other hand, am not! It's going to be so strange not having him here all the time, and Kaiden is going to be so lost without him as well! What are we going to do with ourselves?!
Anyway, on Noah's last day of school for the year he came home with some great little goodies. His memory book, which had heaps of his work from throughout the year in it, a DVD with a slideshow of photo's of Noah and his friends, his report which was perfect, and a very special book called Aussie Jingle Bells.
When I went to pick him up he told me he had gotten the book as "a present" but he didn't know who from. Well it turns out, each teacher had to pick only two students from their class to present a special achievement award to for being an all rounder - and Noah was one of the two from his class! He said he had to get up infront of all the school and get his book..."and everybody clapped for me Mum!"
Now everyone will probably laugh at me, but for some odd reason as soon as I heard all this I got all teary!! Haha, how embarrassing!!! I'm getting teary just writing this. Why would I do that?! Oh dear...let's hope he never wins the Nobel Prize or anything :-P

An Afternoon With The Baby Duckies :-)

Kaiden's 2nd Birthday :-)

I have HEAPS of photo's from Kaiden's birthday, so I'm just going to blog a few favourite's and hopefully you guys will check out the rest here....

We had a great week! We went to the beach and took the boys on the Don River Railway, had a family tea and then finally a Tigger party with some friends and family. Lucky Kaiden!

Going To Meet Santa...

Bubble Bath Fun!

End Of Year Celebration Evening!

During the last week of school for the year, they had a big celebration evening where each class performed something. The Kinder's did a song called "We Can All Play In The Biggest Band". It was so cute!!