Sunday, December 31, 2006

Paul and Dianah's Wedding

Today we went to Devonport for Paul and Dianah's wedding. It was at The Deck, and it was breakfast wedding - which meant an 8.30am start! But we managed to get up and ready on time, which I thought was amazing!
The wedding was really nice. Dianah looked gorgeous and so did the girls, Yasmin and Zoe. Their hair looked awesome! And Paul scrubbed up ok too :-)
After the ceremony we had a champagne breakfast and then headed back to their place for lunch. The kids had a ball!! They hired a jumping castle and they had heaps of water pistols and bubble blowers. It was more like a kids party than a wedding! But it was a fantastic day. Congratulations to them!!

Paul, Dianah, Yasmin and Zoe arriving at The Deck

Paul and Dianah exchanging rings

Noah and Yasmin on the jumping castle - Noah followed her around all day! Think he was in love!

Paul and Kaiden - doesn't he look a natural :-)

Our Boys...

Craig bought Noah this t-shirt a few weeks ago...In case you can't read it, it says "Security". Too cute!! :-)

And this is Kaiden just lounging around. What else do you do when you're only two weeks old!

Slideshow Craig ;-)

Friday, December 29, 2006

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Kaiden actually awake...

Kaiden asleep!

Nosey doing his "exercises" for the day! :-)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Picci's!

I like this one just for Craig's facial expression!

The three boys :-)

Kaiden when he is actually awake! (It doesn't happen very often!)

Snooze time :-)

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Our Two Little Boys :-)

My First Christmas Photo With Kaiden

Opening Christmas Presents

He really tore into the presents this year!


Mum and Dad bought him this weights set. How cute is it!

Noah "helped" Kaiden open his presents...Santa bought him the Crawling Pooh Bear

Noah picked out this monkey rattle for Kaiden, it was so cute when he was showing him what it does :-)

Look What Happens When You Bribe Santa ;-)

Christmas eve, Noah and Craig sat down to write Santa a note and we left him some biscuits and a juice, plus a carrot for his reindeer. You should have seen the look on Noah's face when he got up christmas morning and the food was gone! Plus Santa left him a note in return, telling him he'd left his present in the laundry...

Christmas Eve Drinks!

Our christmas eve party wasn't quite as big this year as it has been in the past! But I was very impressed that the boys all had a cuddle of Kaiden, even if it did take a couple of beers to get their confidence up ;-)

Which One Is Supposed To Be The Kid Here??

We took Noah to the park on Sunday and Simon came down to play. I think he and Craig had more fun than Noah...what do you think?!

Kaiden's First Bath At Home

Noah helped give Kaiden a bath the other night, he is such a great little helper. Its so cute to watch :-)

Home Sweet Home

Finally we made it home, and I was so glad to be here! I think Craig and Noah were too, although Noah was very happy staying at Mum and Dad's!

Bounce, Bounce, Bounce...

Noah just loves Mum and Dad's trampoline, I've never seen him buonce quite this high before tho!!!

He Looks Just Like Noah...

I just love this photo, and I think he looks just like Noah when he was a baby. They're both so cute :-)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Even More Photo's!

3 days
3 days

6 days

Big Hand, Little Hand...

Craig took this photo, isn't it gorgeous :-)

Big Brother Noah :-)

Here Noah is giving Kaiden cuddles. He has been so good with him, although sometimes he just plain forgets that Kaiden even exists! I guess all he does at the moment is sleep so he's not very exciting!

You might be wondering why Kaiden has the tube up his nose. He wasn't feeding properly, well basically not all, so they took some blood and admitted him to the special care unit. Which was horrible because he had to stay there and wasn't allowed back in the room with me, so we spent all our time down at the nursery. The tube was to help feed him - whatever he didn't take from the bottle went in the tube. It was awful to watch, but it didn't seem to worry him a bit thank goodness.
Then they decided to put him on antibiotics just in case he had an infection of some sort, so they had to put a canula in his arm. The poor little thing, I had one too and they aren't very nice at all. And to make sure he didn't move it, they had to put a big splint on his arm and bandage it up which made it look even worse. Luckily tho, all the blood tests came back clear and he started feeding by himself, he just got off to a slow start that's all. And finally, after being in hospital a week, they let us come home. Just in time for Christmas!

First Photo's