Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Catch Up Photo's...

So these photo's might be a little out of order, but it gives a quick catch up of the last few weeks!

Craig has been taking Noah swimming in at the Launceston Swim School. Noah is starting to get a little too big for his boots tho and thinks he is better than he is! He doesn't like getting his head wet and usually forgets to blow bubbles, instead he sucks the water in and has a coughing attack. But it will all come to him in good time, I hope!

The other week Mum and I took Noah to see the Dinosaurs in Devonport. I'm not sure who had more fun, Mum or Noah! He loved dressing up as a dinosaur, he looked so cute! He was a little bit scared of the dino's when we first arrived, they were pretty huge and they growled! But he soon warmed up to them and he had a fantastic time!

Noah's new favourite hobby is stealing our digital camera and running around taking photo's of everything and anything! He is actually getting quite good at lining it up and not cutting people's heads off...although I'm sure craig wouldn't have minded if he hadn't taken this one!!

Brooke and Kimmy's Engagement Party

This is us before our big night out! Don't the boys look handsome!

Noah looks like he's had one too many already...

Our First Entry!

With our friends all over the place at the moment, we thought this would be a great way to keep everyone up to date with what's happening here on Gay Street!

Noah is growing up so fast, its unbelievable how much he can talk. Its like having a real person to talk to all day now instead of baby babble! Speaking of baby babble, less than 8 weeks to go until bubba number two comes along. I am counting down the days! I feel like the size of a house and it is getting harder and harder to get comfortable in bed.

Noah had his first night out at the pub last week! We went to Brooke & Josh and Adam & Kimmy's engagement party. It was a great night, although I didn't really feel (or look) in the party mood! I am going to swear now that when they actually get married, I will NOT be pregnant so I can go and have an awesome night!

We are currently waiting for plans to be drawn up to renovate the house. As it is, we have no where to put this baby when he does eventually arrive! Looks like he will be in our room which I am not looking forward to at all. It will be fantastic when he can have a room all of his own. I think Noah is going to be a great big brother, he is practicing now putting dolls into the cot and wrapping them up. He even lets them sit on the couch and watch Spiderman, which I might add is his latest obsession! That along with Batman and Dinosaurs. I can tell that in a few years, I am going to be so on the outer in my own house! I am not really into all these boy things...I'm very out-numbered. I think Craig needs to concentrate and give me a girl!! Because we really will have A Household Full Of Boys....