Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another weekend over with - and it's been another good one!

Friday afternoon Craig and I dropped the kidlets off at my Mum's and went into Launceston to buy Noah's birthday present. Target had a sale so we thought we had better not pass up the opportunity to save some $$...well we bought one thing. That's all we could find! Maybe we are too fussy. I dunno. But, since Noah can't read, I am safe to tell you all what we got - a remote control Spiderman. I love it!! I haven't read all the instructions yet but I know you can programme it to do different things all at once, or you can just have it like a remote control toy and move it yourself. Noah is going to love it...

After that, Craig took me to the Casino for tea. It was delicious! We went to the Links Bar and had all you can eat...I paced myself and managed three serves PLUS dessert. Yum Yum Yum!! Then we went and had a little flutter at the Roulette table. Bad night. We lost...some $$. But we had fun anyway! There was a guy floating between the two tables who won $7000 for the night - $7000!!! I should have asked him for a loan. I blame him for my loss - I was doing ok until he came along and he was so drunk and so loud but also so funny, that I lost all concentration.

We came back to Del-Rock City after that and went to Angela's 21st. Now I haven't had that many serious boyfriends in my life, 4 to be exact. Ha ha - would you believe they were all in the same pub on the same night? Well believe it. Oh dear...hand me another Cruiser! Anyway, it was good to catch up with everyone, it was a fun night.

Well, not so good for Craig. He ended up with a 3am date with the porcelain bowl. At least now he has taken my title of the Poor Drunk in our house ;-)

I picked up the kiddies Sat morn and Kaiden went straight to bed so Noah and I watched a movie. Then Dad came up and took him to the farm for the afternoon. And today, he has gone to Launceston with Nanna Jill. I have hardly seen him all weekend!! But I'm glad he has had so much fun, he loves both his Nan & Pop's so it's great he gets a chance to spend time with them by himself.

And it was quite nice for me to spend today with baby Kaiden. We had lots of fun. We cleaned the house, we did some washing, we watched Hi5! It was great. Kaiden is getting so much better at rolling now and he is starting to become much stronger in his arms when he is holding himself up. That is a good sign that he isn't a dud afterall :-)

We have organised a date for Kaiden's christening (finally!) - Sunday Spetember 9th at 11.30am. And for those who are reading this - I will post invites out in a few weeks so don't think I'm being rude! I'm just glad we finally have a day, I'll get to details later. We have also decided on his Godparents, they were very easy choices. Cara, Brookie and ******.....Craig still hasn't asked him yet so I better not say or I know he'll read it on the blog!

So now Kaiden is in bed and Noah is still at Nanna Jill's, and it's nice and peaceful in my house :-) I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!!


Photo's Of The Day...

Chocolate Teddy Bear Biscuits...Yum Yum Yum!!

The love of chocolate runs in the family...

And look at these chubby little legs... :-)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I'm sitting here on the computer, staring at the gorgeous photo's of little Tennyson (he is adorable by the way!) and both my boys are entertaining themselves. I should have known it wouldn't last.

First, Noah comes running past screaming "I need to do a wee! I need to do a wee!"

30 seconds later he wanders back out...

"Mum, I just had a little acci-lent".

I go to investigate...

He has over-shot the bowl and hit the wall behind the toilet. This kid needs to learn to aim properly.

So I clean it up. No big deal.

I come wandering back out to the what sounds like water leaking from my ceiling onto my floor boards...


Kaiden is hanging in his jolly jumper and all that bouncing must have moved his nappy off-centre...

He has peeed all over my kitchen floor.

What is wrong with these children?!

And Kaiden thought it was hilarious...

And just cos I like the picture, here is Kaiden in his new bandana. Doesn't he look cute! (Even cuter because he hadn't peeed on the floor at this stage...)

Sleepy Kaiden...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday, July 23, 2007

Babble Babble Babble....

Things seem so much better than they did this time last week...and that is probably because they are! Isn't it strange how, when things are really bad you can't possibly see how they are ever going to get any better. And then when things mysteriously get better, you wonder how they ever got to be so utterly crappy in the first place!

My last almost week has been excellent. Fantastic. Super terrific.

On Thursday I took the kiddies out to play at my sister's house. Noah had a ball playing with Lachie and Hayley. Hayley is obsessed with Kaiden! She wants to pick him up and cuddle him all the time. It's super cute!

Thursday arvo Cara came round and she stayed the night. It was so much fun, sitting up til midnight chatting. I always have the best time when Cara comes to stay. Noah loved having her here as well. He read her Rabbit Foo (without sounding like a chipmunk!). He even gave up his bed for her, so she had some where comfy to sleep. I like to think it was because he is such a nice boy...really though I think it was because he got to sleep in my bed with me! Thats become a bit of a special "Daddy is on night shift" treat. I love having him in there. He always wants to hold my hand until he goes to sleep :-)

Anyway, Friday afternoon I took Noah to pre-kinder. He actually enjoyed it! I took him earlier in the year and he hated it. But maybe because he has been going to Toddle Inn, he liked it mpre. He played with the other kiddies, he sat on the mat while the teacher read a story. He even suggested a song for them to sing...If you're happy and you know it...He was very chuffed that everyone sang HIS song :-)

Then Saturday, we all went in to watch Megan play basketball. Noah got right into the "Go Megan"'s and the "Go Torns"...He is so loud when he yells out! And it was a great game, the Tornadoes won - just! It was super close, very exciting! Craig almost upstaged the whole game though when he decided to feed Kaiden chips...resulting in him choking on one and doing the biggest spew I have ever seen in my life. It just kept coming. And coming. And coming. And what sort of crappy ass mother am I - I didn't pack spare clothes. So he spent the whole last quarter sitting in his spew covered clothes. And they literally were COVERED. I felt sorry for the people sitting around us - cos it stank!

Then Sunday we did NOTHING. We didn't even leave the house. Craig and I watched Thank God You're Here, I had a litle arvo nanna nap and that was that. Exactly the way a Sunday should be spent I reckon.

So thats what we've been up to. Tomorrow Nosey is at school. So Kaiden and I are off to do a quick bit of shopping - pick up a lay-by, buy some new makeup and get my nephew a birthday pressie. He will be 15 on Wednesday! Can you believe it - this time next year he will be able to learn to drive. How scary...I'm feeling quite old!

And to top everything off - I wake up to a messgae this morning at 6.30am to say that Danielle had become a Mummy to a gorgeous little boy. It had me smiling before I even got out of bed! That's the way to start the day! Congratulations guys, that is one very lucky baby :-)

So thats my week so far...Hope everyone has an equally good one as I have had so far.

Nite nite!!xoxo

For Dani And Luke

Congratulation graphics

To Dani and Luke on the arrival of their little baby boy! Can't wait to see photo's and hear his name. He's a lucky little man to have such a gorgeous Mum as you Dani, well done to both of you!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baby Noah At 7 Months :-)

Kaiden's First Bike Ride!

Today Craig put Kaiden in the bike seat for the first time - and he loved it! Noah used to have a great time going on the back of the bike, they used to go for rides all the time. Now it is Kaiden's turn :-)
The helmet was a little bit big, but he'll grow into it. They don't make them any smaller! And of course after watching all this, Noah decided he just HAD to have a go too...he is miles too big!
The helmet doesn't go close to fitting on his head and the seat belt doesn't stretch far enough to go around his big belly! I'm pretty sure there's a weight limit to that seat and I can guarantee Noah exceeds it! But he held on for dear life and got a little ride with Dad :-)

Friday, July 20, 2007

Play Time!

Yesterday we went out to Ally's house to see Lachie and Hayley. Noah insisted on taking his Captain Jack Sparrow Costume with him!

They had morning tea and played outside for ages, Noah had such a good time and so did I! Here are some picci's from our play day...aren't they a bunch of cute little kidlets!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Kaiden's Photo Shoot :-)

Kaiden Is In Love...

Kaiden is totally obsessed with watching Noah and wanting to do what he does! Just wait until he is big enough to walk...poor Noah will be followed endlessly I'm sure of it!


We have a million toys in our house (and no I almost am not exagerating!), so why do kids always want to play with things they shouldn't?! Kaiden is still not very good at moving his walker, usually it is by accident when he stretches his legs out in frustration. But last night, he decided he wanted the latch on the side of our screen that goes around the heater...and he MOVED HIS WALKER to get there. And look at him trying to eat it...yuck!
So I moved him back a bit and sat down to have tea...look at the grin on the cheeky bugger when he managed to move himself back there again!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Clever Bubba!

Kaiden has learnt to say Dad!!

7 Month Weight Update!

Kaiden is 7 months old! I can't believe it, time has really flown. He is getting too big, too fast. And when I say big...I mean big. He has started wanting bottles like they are going out of fashion. During his awake time, he is ready for a bottle within an hour and a half of having one! I am trying to get him onthe solids but I don't want to give him too much just yet, he is still getting used to food. That doesn't stop him trying to eat anything and everything that he sees! The other night he threw himself head first into my pizza!

Anyway, here's his weigh-in results -

Noah at 7months
Weight - 9.2kg Length - 69cm HC - 47cm

Kaiden at 7months
Weight - 8.44kg Length - 68cm HC - 46.5cm

In the last month he has only grown 1cm...but he has gained over 700grams! The little porker! Craig always teases Kaiden about his chubby little legs, they are cute though! Here is proof of how much he has grown in 7 months...from 00000 clothes to 00!!

Weights Time!