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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Noey's Birthday :-)

Here is little Noey (who isn't so little anymore!) opening pressies on Monday :-) He got Spiderman EVERYTHING! We got him a Spiderman doona cover, remote control Spiderman, Craig picked him out two Spiderman posters as well as a Batman remote control car and he got a couple of new dvd's.
Both his Nan's bought him Spiderman as well - a web shooter which actually shoots this disgusting silver web stuff that absolutely stinks! Noah LOVES it! And he also got this Spiderman racing track thingy which has two cars that go REALLY fast and smash into each other - a classic boy toy which he also LOVES!!
He had a great day I think, Chantelle spent the afternoon here. She bought him three Transformers...I have to say they are the present he has spent the most time playing with! And CC - I have actually worked out how to "transform" them without the instructions! Aren't you proud of me :-)
So only three more sleeps until his party on Saturday...time to start thinking about the cake!!!

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Kaiden Has A New Best Friend :-)

This morning Chantelle and Bryce came home from Melbourne and we picked them up in town. Kaiden has been going through a shy stage, he is quite wary of everyone including people he sees a lot of. He takes awhile to warm up to them. But this morning I think he fell in love with Bryce :-) As soon as Bryce picked him up, Kaiden snuggled in on his shoulder - he never does that! It was so cute :-)

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

You Have To See This To Believe It...

This morning Kaiden was a little bit crabby so we put him outside in the swing. He loves being in there, he sits there and stares at Abbey through the fence for ages. After 5 minutes or so I went to check on him, and this is what I found....

Is it just me or is Kaiden taking this whole "falling-asleep-anywhere" thing to the extreme?!?!

The Way To Kaiden's Heart -

Buy him a Hi5 DVD :-)

Look at the expression on his face when he unwrapped it - he new exactly who it was! I was so amazed!! As soon as he saw the cover he grinned from ear to ear. Then he sat there watching it, clinging onto the cover and not letting it go for anything! He is really Hi5's number one fan I think!!

Being A Boy...

Noah has a big basket full of big boy toys.
Kaiden also has a big basket but it is full of little boys toys.
Does Kaiden like these toys? Not really!
Does Kaiden play with these toys? Not really!
Does Kaiden want to play with the big boy toys instead? Absolutely!
Look how he ditches poor Pooh Bear for Muck...and plays "garages" with Noah...Where has my little baby gone??


Going It Alone...

Clever little Kaiden has learnt to feed himself...and now that he has mastered this new skill, he has decided that bottles aren't really for him anymore and he just wants to EAT FOOD! He is a little piggy. He would eat anything if I let him. As if my grocery bill isn't big enough already!

Sunday, August 19, 2007

HangOver Update For Robin ;-)

Well, just after I finished posting last night Craig wandered in. He spent half an hour annoying the hell out of poor little Noah so I told him to go back to the pub - I didn't have to tell him twice! Off he went to watch the footy with the boys. I have no idea what time he got home, I wandered out at 4am to get a drink and he was happily snoring away on the couch. Sweet guy, he left me in peace and didn't make me listen to him drunkenly snore all night! Bless him :-)

The hang over was definatley present this morning, but we had a good ol' greasy lunch to fix it! And I can't wait - because this time next week it will be ME needing the greasy food cos on Saturday CHANTELLE IS COMING HOME!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
So we're off on another awesome girlie night to go and watch Cruel Like That play...let's hope I actually make it there this time ;-)

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Gran :-)

Today Craig has been at football all day long...he left at 9am and it's now 7.30pm and he still isn't back. I imagine the day has consisted of a lot of beer consumption since his game finished at 2pm. Ha ha ha, I'll be sure to post about the massive hang over he will have tomorrow so all you can laugh at him too :-)

So the boys and I spent the afternoon at Gran's house, and I mean all afternoon! We love going to Gran's, Noah just adores her and Kaiden does too now he is a bit bigger. It might have something to do with the endless supply of cakes and chocolate she seems to have! But she always has funny stories to tell and she & I can talk for hours, I think of her as my own Gran. We love her to bits!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eight Month Weigh-In!

Noah at 8 months
Weight - 9.6kg Length - 72.8cm HC - 47.4cm

Kaiden at 8 months
Weight - 8.8kg Length - 72cm HC - 47cm

This month Kaiden has had a MASSIVE growth spurt - he is basically the same length Noah was at the same age!! Amazing! He has always been about 800grams less than Noah was and about 2cm behind, just like he was at birth. But now he has grown HEAPS - 4cm in a month!!! Clever not-so-little-man :-)

And while I was there, I got Noah measured and weighed as well. He is 19kg and 109.3cm - that puts him in the 97th percentile! Oh yay, I hope he stays there! It would be great for him to be tall, maybe Kaiden is getting there too!!

**And an update on Kaiden's sores....**

The Doctor has said that it is something called Staphylococci...yes he has a staph infection :-(
And yes Dani, just like his heart I am thinking the worst - but I am hoping this cream heals it and trying to think positive. This one seems to be taking longer to heal than the first ones he had, perhaps because this one is lot worse than them.
Poor baby Kaiden...

Attempt Number One...

Spiderman Cup Cakes!

I'm not totally impressed with my efforts...the icing I was doing the webs with kept on going all watery and running. Noah thought they would good...but I will practice again next week I think!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kaiden Is Eight Months Old Today :-)

Cheeky Kaiden!

Yesterday Kaiden went to his physio appointment at St Giles to have an 8 month assessment. He is doing fine!

The physio said he tended to use his right side a little more than his left but it was nothing major and nothing to be concerned about. She did think though that perhaps he should be beginning to commando crawl and that his sitting should be a little better than what it is, and that he just needed a bit of extra encouragement to help him along. When he is sitting, he tends to only be able to sit for maybe 1-2minutes at the most, and when he falls he has no idea about trying to correct himself. So I went and bought him a new toy (a drum!) as "encouragement" to give him something of the right height to hold onto and concentrate on when he is sitting.

This is him two hours after I had gotten home from the physio...SITTING!

Why does he do this?? Just to make me look silly?! Look at the kid - there is NOTHING wrong with his sitting skills. He sat there last night for over half an hour and didn't fall over once. And this morning he sat in his play gym for an hour with no spills. Deary me, he has to go back to the physio in 6 this rate he will be walking by then ;-)

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Bad Week Keeps On Going...

Last week was bad. Wisom teeth, kids passing out in public places, colds, flu...But by yesterday we were all much better and silly me thought - hooray, new week=good week. How wrong was I. Look at my poor little baby Kaiden....

He has had sores like this before, but not since he was about 6 weeks old and they were never this big or ugly looking. The Doctor says they are some kind of bacterial/skin infection and I have cream to clear it up. But it is NASTY. It looks like a burn and is all weepy.

Luckily though, the Doctor didn't seem too worried about it and Kaiden seems quite happy in himself. But the poor little man, it hurts when I touch it cos he cries and squirms so I am being very careful to not put my hand on it. I hope it clears up soon :-(