Wednesday, January 31, 2007

What Are The Chances...

The last two nights Kaiden has slept for 8 hours...yes EIGHT HOURS!! I don't know why I'm surprised because Noah did the exact same thing at this age, and he never stopped! He was the best little sleeper int he world, even getting teeth never stopped him.
But I think I'd prepared myself for Kaiden to be a total dud at sleeping. I thought it would be karma - pay back for Noah being so good. But so far Kaiden is following suit and sleeping! Fingers crossed he stays that way...its heaven!!

The Gay Street!

Noah, Kaiden and I just went for a walk and on the way back, Noah wanted to take a photo of Gay Street! I have no idea why. But anyway, he was too short to get a good photo of the sign so he made me take one (how dumb did I feel taking a photo of a street sign...).
So here's a photo of our street - The Gay Street! ;-)

These Boys Really Know How To Sleep...

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Check Out The Hat!

Travis bought Noah this hat when he was little! It fitted him in summer though so he didn't really wear it a lot, it looks like new still.
Craig, Noah and Poppy Daz have been building Abbey a new dog pen today and its really windy - so Kaiden wore the hat and its great! He must have loved it because he's fallen asleep with it still on!
Ha ha...doesn't he look cute :-)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Whose Room Is This?

I finally got Kaiden's name up on the door! Even if it is on OUR great when he gets his own in a couple of months! Anyway, Noey took these photo's :-)

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Yvette's "Three Nights In A Row" Theory...

We went to a family BBQ on Thursday night, and I was talking to Yvette about kiddies and no sleep and all those wonderful things! And she told me this great theory (well, if its about something positive then its a good theory!) that if a baby doesn't sleep three nights in a row then its a habit.
So I'm hoping that it works the opposite way as well - three good nights sleep and its a habit!
Tuesday night, Kaiden slept for six hours and then back for another three. Wednesday night he slept for four hours and then back for another six. Thursday night he slept for six hours and then another four...and bam! According to Yvette's theory he is now in a habit!! And last night the littler angel slept for SEVEN hours and then back for another FOUR!!
I am so crossing my fingers that this is a habit he is going to keep up...

The Boys First Tent Together :-)

Noah wanted to make a tent yesterday and insisted that Kaiden play in it too...Well Kaiden was obviously impressed...surprise surprise - he fell asleep in it!

Kaiden's First Smile!

So technically this is his second lot of smiles but I didn't have the camera handy for the first one!
And I'm all for these digital cameras, they're great. The only downside to them is that they take so long to take the photo! You push the button and its a few seconds before it actually takes the picture and by then Kaiden has stopped smiling! So these aren't very good but I guess as he smiles more they'll last longer and I'll be able to get better ones...I hope so anyway!

Thursday's Trip To Windmill Hill

On Thursday we went to Windmill Hill with Travis and Megan. It was pretty cold!! Poor Noah had blue lips after a few turns on the water slide! But he had fun anyway!

Our Day At The Park

On Wednesday Noah, Kaiden and I went into Launceston and went to the parl. It was such a nice day and Noah had a great time! We had a picnic under the tree, looked at the monkey's, got ice cream (yum yum!) and Noah played in the playground for hours. And of course Kaiden slept through the whole thing - he didn't even know he'd been anywhere!!

Noah The Little Helper!

I haven't posted anything in nearly a week - I think I'm losing motivation!! We have had a pretty busy week but still...I'm slack aren't I!!

Tuesday morning I was doing some washing, and I had to go and hang out a couple of towels. Kaiden was awake and laying on a cushion in the chair, and Noah was playing in the front lounge room.
Well, I was gone for two minutes MAXIMUM and when I came back inside - there was Kaiden laying on the floor in his play gym!! :-O My heart seriously skipped a beat! I asked Noah how he had gotten down there and Noah's reply was "I just carried him there", like it was the most normal thing in the world!
So after I checked that Kaiden was still in fact breathing, I gently explained to Noah that next time he should wait for me to help him! But he had done a really good job - he'd layed him on a blanket and wrapped him up, given him his dummy, turned on the music in the play gym and Kaiden was asleep!!



Monday, January 22, 2007

One Photo Too Many Perhaps...

I know I take a lot of photo's, and who doesn't when they have kids?? But maybe I've taken one too many of Kaiden...

He went from this almost smile! (He's been going so close the last couple of days, his first proper smile can't be far away)....

To this two minutes later!! (Check out the finger incase you didn't notice!)

Noah The Dog!!

Of all the toys Noah has to play with, both inside and out - he chooses to play in Abbey's dog kennel! How dirty and gross is that...guess he's a typical boy though hey!!

Play School Time

I took these photo's this morning while the boys were watching Play School...I thought they were so cute I couldn't decide which one to post - so I've posted all three!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Celebrity Look Alikes??

Mmm...I don't know how much I agree with the choices here! For starters, Kaiden's skin may be darker than Noah's but it certainly isn't black!! Don't see the resemblance between him and Ruben or Bow Wow myself...
And what's worse - that Noah looks like a girl or that he could grow up to be the next "Stiff-Myster"??
As for Craig - Paul Walker and Josh Duhamel! The computer obviously thinks he's pretty hot! :-) And I bet he wishes I look like Jessica Alba...actually, I wish that too!!