Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Look At My Clever Little Man :-)

On Sunday Craig took Noah's training wheels off...and look at him go! One little push and he got the hang of it straight away. We couldn't believe it!! He's a smart cookie isn't he :-)

A Girls Night Out!!


I took a few shots at Basketball last week, but they didn't come out like I had hoped. I need to fiddle with the camera but I haven't had time yet. You get the idea though...and Craig's team won so it's even better :-)

Thank You CC!!

Look at the cool hat Chantelle bought the boys back from Vietnam...don't they look cute!

So Cute...

Shake It Shake It....

The kids went CRAZY the other night watching the Aria's...Noah waited around all night so he could see Pink and The Presets sing - they've got some moves hey!

Tea Time...Banger Style :-)

Looking After Daddies Vegie Garden...

Random Nosey Pic's!

Random Kaiden Picci's...

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