Friday, January 02, 2009

My Poor Little Noey....

Look what my baby did New Years Eve...he fell over at my Mum and Dad's and split his head open on the kitchen cupboard. So Mum and I spent half the night at the hospital with him, the poor little guy had to have to two stitches. And without any anaesectic of any kind! Noah was so brave, he hardly even cried when they put the first stitch in. The second one must have hurt though, he screamed. I couldn't have been as brave as him, he was an absolute champion.
Love you lots my little Nosey Poo :-)

Silly Kaiden!!

Drawing Time....

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town...

Christmas Day 2008!!

Such a busy day, so many photo's to blog! Here are a few favourites....check out the rest here :-)

We had such a great chrissie day this year (last year I should say now!). The kids got absolutely spoilt!
Noah was the first to wake up and discover that Santa has left him and Kaiden a bouncing See-Saw...he loved it! The boys have had such fun on it, although Kaiden tends to wait until he is up in the air and then try to jump off!
My Mum and Dad came up for a yummy christmas breakkie and to open more presents! The we were off to lunch in town at Travis and Megan's where we all ate way too much delicious food!
After a quick trip back home for Kaiden-nap-time, we headed off to my Auntie's for tea. It was so nice to get together with all my Aunts and Uncles, cousins and my Pa. Christmas is about the only time we all manage to get together. We had a fun night - more presents, more food, back yard cricket - such an Aussie Christmas :-)
Noah and Kaiden got so many presents I am honestly struggling to find somewhere to put them all! Race tracks, Speed Racer, Ninja Turtles, Hi5, trucks, tractors, name it, they got it!!
But they had a wonderful day and so did Craig & I...I hope you all did too!!

Thursday, January 01, 2009