Thursday, August 16, 2007

Eight Month Weigh-In!

Noah at 8 months
Weight - 9.6kg Length - 72.8cm HC - 47.4cm

Kaiden at 8 months
Weight - 8.8kg Length - 72cm HC - 47cm

This month Kaiden has had a MASSIVE growth spurt - he is basically the same length Noah was at the same age!! Amazing! He has always been about 800grams less than Noah was and about 2cm behind, just like he was at birth. But now he has grown HEAPS - 4cm in a month!!! Clever not-so-little-man :-)

And while I was there, I got Noah measured and weighed as well. He is 19kg and 109.3cm - that puts him in the 97th percentile! Oh yay, I hope he stays there! It would be great for him to be tall, maybe Kaiden is getting there too!!

**And an update on Kaiden's sores....**

The Doctor has said that it is something called Staphylococci...yes he has a staph infection :-(
And yes Dani, just like his heart I am thinking the worst - but I am hoping this cream heals it and trying to think positive. This one seems to be taking longer to heal than the first ones he had, perhaps because this one is lot worse than them.
Poor baby Kaiden...


daniellerussell309 said...

Don't stress - staph is always present on your skin and its easily treated! Only hospital strains are yucky - Kaiden will recover just fine! :-)

Craig & Robyn said...

I knew you would say that :-) Thanks! I think I am only worried about it because this is the second lot he has had and I don't want them to keep coming back...

anne said...

aw poor baby...i would worry too. it is your baby!
I will pray that he heals quickly

Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Poor little Kaiden. I hope everything heals well. It looks like he is growing good. What is his weight in pounds (lbs)? I just was wondering how close in size him and Jayce are.
And by the way your spiderman cupcakes look so good. Are you doing them for the Birthday party? I was very impressed. You are a little Martha Stewart :)
Let me know how Kaiden is doing.

Craig & Robyn said...

Hey Torie!
Kaiden's weight is about 19lb30z (approximately - I worked it out on the calculator so it might be a little off!) and his length is almost 29inches. How big is Jayce? I love seeing how Kaiden compares to other kiddies his age! Jayce is crawling already isn't he? Clever boy :-)

Samantha said...

Aw poor little bloke! The sores look like they hurt, and I bet they do.... but like Dani said he will recover!
Get well soon Kaiden!

Robin D said...

I hope lil' Kaiden's sores go away soon, so he feels better and you can stop worrying! Moms...what would we do if we didn't have anything to worry about!