Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Cheeky Kaiden!

Yesterday Kaiden went to his physio appointment at St Giles to have an 8 month assessment. He is doing fine!

The physio said he tended to use his right side a little more than his left but it was nothing major and nothing to be concerned about. She did think though that perhaps he should be beginning to commando crawl and that his sitting should be a little better than what it is, and that he just needed a bit of extra encouragement to help him along. When he is sitting, he tends to only be able to sit for maybe 1-2minutes at the most, and when he falls he has no idea about trying to correct himself. So I went and bought him a new toy (a drum!) as "encouragement" to give him something of the right height to hold onto and concentrate on when he is sitting.

This is him two hours after I had gotten home from the physio...SITTING!

Why does he do this?? Just to make me look silly?! Look at the kid - there is NOTHING wrong with his sitting skills. He sat there last night for over half an hour and didn't fall over once. And this morning he sat in his play gym for an hour with no spills. Deary me, he has to go back to the physio in 6 this rate he will be walking by then ;-)

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Robin D said...

He looks perfectly happy sitting all by himself while thinking how silly his mom is for worrying! I guess he was working you over for the drum! ;)