Sunday, August 19, 2007

HangOver Update For Robin ;-)

Well, just after I finished posting last night Craig wandered in. He spent half an hour annoying the hell out of poor little Noah so I told him to go back to the pub - I didn't have to tell him twice! Off he went to watch the footy with the boys. I have no idea what time he got home, I wandered out at 4am to get a drink and he was happily snoring away on the couch. Sweet guy, he left me in peace and didn't make me listen to him drunkenly snore all night! Bless him :-)

The hang over was definatley present this morning, but we had a good ol' greasy lunch to fix it! And I can't wait - because this time next week it will be ME needing the greasy food cos on Saturday CHANTELLE IS COMING HOME!!! Woo-Hoo!!!
So we're off on another awesome girlie night to go and watch Cruel Like That play...let's hope I actually make it there this time ;-)


Stepherz said...

Girl's Night Out, huh? I wanna go! Wahh.

Robin D said...

Just remember to drink in moderation!

Robin D said...

Oh and have fun!!

daniellerussell309 said...

It's always a fun job looking after someone with a hangover... ! Good to have funny stories afterwards though. Yay to girls nights - I want one, I haven't had a drink since...uhmm...I can't remember!! At least 10 months thats for sure!