Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Noey's Birthday :-)

Here is little Noey (who isn't so little anymore!) opening pressies on Monday :-) He got Spiderman EVERYTHING! We got him a Spiderman doona cover, remote control Spiderman, Craig picked him out two Spiderman posters as well as a Batman remote control car and he got a couple of new dvd's.
Both his Nan's bought him Spiderman as well - a web shooter which actually shoots this disgusting silver web stuff that absolutely stinks! Noah LOVES it! And he also got this Spiderman racing track thingy which has two cars that go REALLY fast and smash into each other - a classic boy toy which he also LOVES!!
He had a great day I think, Chantelle spent the afternoon here. She bought him three Transformers...I have to say they are the present he has spent the most time playing with! And CC - I have actually worked out how to "transform" them without the instructions! Aren't you proud of me :-)
So only three more sleeps until his party on Saturday...time to start thinking about the cake!!!


Samantha said...

Wow he looks like he got some great stuff.... Kaiden looks quite impressed by that spider man too LOL. I cant believe Noah fits in that box, holy cow!

chantelle said...

I am so proud! They are actually kind of fun to transform... Hehe. Looks like Noah had a great day and bet he can't wait until Saturday. You have put so much effort into his party, it will be the best ever! I'm bummed I can't come! Have some cake for me xx

Robin D said...

I love the pic of him in the box, too funny! He's some lucky kid. He racked up on presents...I can't imagine what else he's gonna get on Saturday. Good luck w/ the cake!