Monday, July 23, 2007

Babble Babble Babble....

Things seem so much better than they did this time last week...and that is probably because they are! Isn't it strange how, when things are really bad you can't possibly see how they are ever going to get any better. And then when things mysteriously get better, you wonder how they ever got to be so utterly crappy in the first place!

My last almost week has been excellent. Fantastic. Super terrific.

On Thursday I took the kiddies out to play at my sister's house. Noah had a ball playing with Lachie and Hayley. Hayley is obsessed with Kaiden! She wants to pick him up and cuddle him all the time. It's super cute!

Thursday arvo Cara came round and she stayed the night. It was so much fun, sitting up til midnight chatting. I always have the best time when Cara comes to stay. Noah loved having her here as well. He read her Rabbit Foo (without sounding like a chipmunk!). He even gave up his bed for her, so she had some where comfy to sleep. I like to think it was because he is such a nice boy...really though I think it was because he got to sleep in my bed with me! Thats become a bit of a special "Daddy is on night shift" treat. I love having him in there. He always wants to hold my hand until he goes to sleep :-)

Anyway, Friday afternoon I took Noah to pre-kinder. He actually enjoyed it! I took him earlier in the year and he hated it. But maybe because he has been going to Toddle Inn, he liked it mpre. He played with the other kiddies, he sat on the mat while the teacher read a story. He even suggested a song for them to sing...If you're happy and you know it...He was very chuffed that everyone sang HIS song :-)

Then Saturday, we all went in to watch Megan play basketball. Noah got right into the "Go Megan"'s and the "Go Torns"...He is so loud when he yells out! And it was a great game, the Tornadoes won - just! It was super close, very exciting! Craig almost upstaged the whole game though when he decided to feed Kaiden chips...resulting in him choking on one and doing the biggest spew I have ever seen in my life. It just kept coming. And coming. And coming. And what sort of crappy ass mother am I - I didn't pack spare clothes. So he spent the whole last quarter sitting in his spew covered clothes. And they literally were COVERED. I felt sorry for the people sitting around us - cos it stank!

Then Sunday we did NOTHING. We didn't even leave the house. Craig and I watched Thank God You're Here, I had a litle arvo nanna nap and that was that. Exactly the way a Sunday should be spent I reckon.

So thats what we've been up to. Tomorrow Nosey is at school. So Kaiden and I are off to do a quick bit of shopping - pick up a lay-by, buy some new makeup and get my nephew a birthday pressie. He will be 15 on Wednesday! Can you believe it - this time next year he will be able to learn to drive. How scary...I'm feeling quite old!

And to top everything off - I wake up to a messgae this morning at 6.30am to say that Danielle had become a Mummy to a gorgeous little boy. It had me smiling before I even got out of bed! That's the way to start the day! Congratulations guys, that is one very lucky baby :-)

So thats my week so far...Hope everyone has an equally good one as I have had so far.

Nite nite!!xoxo

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Susan, Brett, baby Kaiden and fur-child Harry said...

Thank you for visiting our blog. Kaiden is such a great name for a boy and it's amazing that ours are just a couple of days apart!