Sunday, July 29, 2007

Another weekend over with - and it's been another good one!

Friday afternoon Craig and I dropped the kidlets off at my Mum's and went into Launceston to buy Noah's birthday present. Target had a sale so we thought we had better not pass up the opportunity to save some $$...well we bought one thing. That's all we could find! Maybe we are too fussy. I dunno. But, since Noah can't read, I am safe to tell you all what we got - a remote control Spiderman. I love it!! I haven't read all the instructions yet but I know you can programme it to do different things all at once, or you can just have it like a remote control toy and move it yourself. Noah is going to love it...

After that, Craig took me to the Casino for tea. It was delicious! We went to the Links Bar and had all you can eat...I paced myself and managed three serves PLUS dessert. Yum Yum Yum!! Then we went and had a little flutter at the Roulette table. Bad night. We lost...some $$. But we had fun anyway! There was a guy floating between the two tables who won $7000 for the night - $7000!!! I should have asked him for a loan. I blame him for my loss - I was doing ok until he came along and he was so drunk and so loud but also so funny, that I lost all concentration.

We came back to Del-Rock City after that and went to Angela's 21st. Now I haven't had that many serious boyfriends in my life, 4 to be exact. Ha ha - would you believe they were all in the same pub on the same night? Well believe it. Oh dear...hand me another Cruiser! Anyway, it was good to catch up with everyone, it was a fun night.

Well, not so good for Craig. He ended up with a 3am date with the porcelain bowl. At least now he has taken my title of the Poor Drunk in our house ;-)

I picked up the kiddies Sat morn and Kaiden went straight to bed so Noah and I watched a movie. Then Dad came up and took him to the farm for the afternoon. And today, he has gone to Launceston with Nanna Jill. I have hardly seen him all weekend!! But I'm glad he has had so much fun, he loves both his Nan & Pop's so it's great he gets a chance to spend time with them by himself.

And it was quite nice for me to spend today with baby Kaiden. We had lots of fun. We cleaned the house, we did some washing, we watched Hi5! It was great. Kaiden is getting so much better at rolling now and he is starting to become much stronger in his arms when he is holding himself up. That is a good sign that he isn't a dud afterall :-)

We have organised a date for Kaiden's christening (finally!) - Sunday Spetember 9th at 11.30am. And for those who are reading this - I will post invites out in a few weeks so don't think I'm being rude! I'm just glad we finally have a day, I'll get to details later. We have also decided on his Godparents, they were very easy choices. Cara, Brookie and ******.....Craig still hasn't asked him yet so I better not say or I know he'll read it on the blog!

So now Kaiden is in bed and Noah is still at Nanna Jill's, and it's nice and peaceful in my house :-) I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend and have a great week!!



Samantha said...

Sounds like you guys had a good weekend... Noah sounded very busy!

hahaha he who laughs in the face of vomit will end up with his head in the toilet....

Stepherz said...

I'm so glad you guys found an awesome brithday present for Noah! Spiderman sounds like a winner!