Monday, July 16, 2007

7 Month Weight Update!

Kaiden is 7 months old! I can't believe it, time has really flown. He is getting too big, too fast. And when I say big...I mean big. He has started wanting bottles like they are going out of fashion. During his awake time, he is ready for a bottle within an hour and a half of having one! I am trying to get him onthe solids but I don't want to give him too much just yet, he is still getting used to food. That doesn't stop him trying to eat anything and everything that he sees! The other night he threw himself head first into my pizza!

Anyway, here's his weigh-in results -

Noah at 7months
Weight - 9.2kg Length - 69cm HC - 47cm

Kaiden at 7months
Weight - 8.44kg Length - 68cm HC - 46.5cm

In the last month he has only grown 1cm...but he has gained over 700grams! The little porker! Craig always teases Kaiden about his chubby little legs, they are cute though! Here is proof of how much he has grown in 7 months...from 00000 clothes to 00!!

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