Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank You Nanny Jill :-)

Aren't my boys spoilt?! Nanny Jill bought them these super cute pj's today...plus Noey got a Spiderman jumper and a Spiderman lunch bag with a drink bottle and lunchbox, and Kaiden got a gorgeous outfit. Ooh, and we got new towels!

Thanks Nanny Jill!!!


Samantha said...

Lucky boys! They look so cute!

Dani, Luke & Tenno said...

they have the BIGGEST collection of Pj's I've ever seen!
So spoilt...but they deserve it.

Craig, Robyn, Noah and Kaiden... said...

Ha ha, I know! A month ago they didn't have any pj's that fitted them properly....now they have three! But if you've seen my kids eat, you'll know they need them - sleeping in weetbix-covered pj's isn't a good look!!