Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baby Kaiden...18 Months Old!

My baby is now 18 months old! Gosh how time flies by....he has grown up so much! He is 84cm and weighs 12.5kg. Such a big boy!

He is so happy, he loves being outside and playing ball. And he is so co-ordinated!!! He has just learnt to catch a small ball and he can kick a footy, like actually dropping the ball onto his foot and kicking it. I know I'm biased - but how freakin' clever is that?! I wonder how many 18 month olds can do that? AFL star here we come :-)
He loves his food, he will eat anything and is always going to the cupboard to get something to snack on.
He loves books and watching Hi5, and anything that Noah is doing. He follows Noah around endlessly and tries to copy everything he does - including jumping off the couch!! Yep, thats right - he stands on the couch and jumps off onto the floor! This kid is not scared of anything!
His speech has been a bit slow to develop, he is saying Mum and Dad but not much else. But we're not too worried, I'm sure he will come along fine in the months to come!
Kaiden is such an adorable little boy, we are so lucky to have him. He makes us all so happy, we love him to bits!!

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