Sunday, January 13, 2008

Family Photo's!

Today was my Pa's 92nd birthday!! We went to my Aunty's for afternoon tea and finally took some family photo's, I can't remember the last time I had photo's taken with them! Some of there are a little bit dodgey but I thought most of them turned out pretty well.

Pa had a really nice time I think, seeing all the grandchildren and great grandchildren together. He does amazingly well for someone who is 92, he even still drives his car into Deloraine to get his groceries each week!

Happy Birthday Pa!!

Great family shot...of everyone but me!

The whole clan being silly buggers! :-)

Pa with his kids! My Dad, Aunty Gwen, Aunty Joy, Uncle Joe and Aunty Doreen

Pa with all his grandchildren...Alison, James, Jacqui, Laura, Me, Ben, Clare, Josh and Tom (Nick is missing!)

Noah, Kaiden and I with Pa

Me and my bestest cousin Laura :-)
Me and my Mum :-)
My nephew and neice...Tom and Jacqui
My Dad and Noah
My Mum and Kaiden :-)


Melany aka Supermom said...

Photos like these are so important to take. YOu all look very happy and relaxed. My grandfather just turned 87 three days ago :)

kat said...

wow you have some strong genes in your family.. the one with your mum is really nice doll, xx

daniellerussell309 said...

Oh wow. I went to your pa's farm in the olden days I think. And is that Tom and Jacqui as in Kate's kids? Woah! Last time I saw them they were babies....:-O
They are really great pix, its so special to have all the generations together at once.

Stepherz said...

SUCH awesome pics! Your family is beautiful!