Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congratulations Kimmy And Ad's!!!!

Kimmy...doesn't she look gorgeous!
Me and Chantelle
Craig and I
The Boys!
Kimmy walking down the isle
Adam and Kim exchanging vows
Chantelle and I
Kimmy and Ads cutting the cake


chantelle said...

ROBYN ANNE BAILEY!! Was it really necessary to post that photo of me?! Oh dear.. Besides that, some really nice photo's! Kim looks gorgeous :-) And nice family pics too, it rarely happens that you get photo's of the whole fam.

kat said...

ooh la la, you and chantelle look just as good as kim does! did you get your hair done professionally? looks fantastic! you all look gorgeous!!

daniellerussell309 said...

You look so pretty! Love the pic of u and Craig. They got married at a nice place! Love her dress too, so plain and simple. :-)

Randy, Crystal, and Kaiden said...

What a beautiful dress! you look lovely...

Stepherz said...

You look amazing, my friend! Gorgeous! Looks like it was a beautiful wedding too. I also note the green grass and the tan you have. I'm completely envious-- since it is about 22 degrees right now and my entire yard is covered in a foot of slippery snow! :-(