Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Quick Update!

I've been a bit lazy in the blogging deaprtment lately. I've been sick now for three weeks, I can't seem to shake whatever this bug is that I have. One minute I feel fine and the next I feel completely naucious. It's really getting to me, I'm so over it! Little buggy, you can leave now :-(
Both the kidlets have a cold, Kaiden in particular. He is so blocked up and chesty, poor little fella.
Today Kaiden went to the physio and she gave him the all clear - hooray for that! He is moving around fine now and doing everything he should be for his age. So that means no more physio, no more heart specialist, NOTHING! He is a normal little boy finally :-)
Noah has had his first heart break. Montanna had a few nasty words to say last week and they haven't spoken since...and instead of an apology her parents have put up a 10 foot fence. Mmm....What is with that?? Is it just me or does that seem totally ridiculous and just plain rude? Strange. But like a true champion, Noah has moved on and gotten himself a new girlfriend, Layla. And I very much approve! She is a gorgeous little thing, big brown eyes and olive skin - a little hottie ;-)
Tomorrow is my Mum's birthday so I want to wish her a very happy birthday!! And today it was my birthday, Kaiden and I had a lovely day in town together :-) I didn't really do anything else but I did get some gorgeous pressies and my wonderful mother-in-law made me birthday cake....which she forgot to bring up today! But she is cooking me a scrumptious tea on Thursday night and I will be sure to have my cake then! Cross fingers I'm not feeling sick then...
So thats it from me!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Happy Birthday...I hope you have a great day. I am sorry you have been sick and your poor little guys sick too. That is no fun.
Well I hope your Birthday was good. Wish I was closer to help you celebrate :) I would take you to lunch or going shopping- something fun and to make you feel better.

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday!
I am glad Kaiden got the all clear... hes a tough cookie that one!
And poor Noah... his new girlfriend sounds gorgeous though. He has taste.
Hope you guys all feel better soon and have a great tea on Thursday... eat some cake for me lol

Robin D said...

Being a sick mommy sucks! I hope you get to feeling better and you enjoyed your birthday! You're not prego again are you?? All that nauseous talk had me wondering! :)
What a relief about Kaiden. I'm glad the little guy is all in the clear and now he's pulling up! What a cute and happy boy.
And I'm glad that lil Noah was able to move on so quickly and how upsurd of her parents!
Get better soon!