Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tummy Time Fun!

Kaiden has begun to really enjoy his tummy time...finally! He spends ages on the floor now, rolling backwards and forwards. It is amazing how far he can get in such a small amount of time, especially without crawling or even shuffling. He just wiggles himself around, chasing whatever toys he can lay his eyes (and hands) on! I don't think it will be very long at all until he is crawling. He is starting to get himself up onto either his hands and his toes, or his knees and his head - he hasn't quite mastered the hands and knees combo yet! But he trying!

I didn't realise how un-baby-proof my house has become in the last three years. I have to constantly make sure now that none of Noah's little cars are on the floor, that none of my hair pins are laying about, or anything else he can put in his mouth!

I can't believe how fast he is growing up. It seems to have flown by so much more quickly than when Noah was this little. It is amazing watching him now, his little grins and cheeky giggles make my heart melt. He is such a happy and content baby, last night he layed on the floor for 3 hours! That was 3 hours with no dummy, no entertaining, nothing. He rolled around and amused himself the entire time. Craig got home from work at 7pm and when he went to go to bed at 9.45pm he realised he hadn't even given Kaiden a cuddle all day! I love happy Kaiden, he is so sweet. I love cranky Kaiden too...but I much prefer him when he is in a wonderful mood :-)


Samantha said...

That is definitely one happy boy... such a cutie!

dani_luigi said...

That's so great that his moving around a bit more and entertaining himself. I felt a sigh of relief and fear when Joss starting moving as she was so much happier but into so much mischief :P