Saturday, August 11, 2007

A Special Sneak Peak For My Fabulous Fellow Bloggers :-)

Here are my invites for Kaiden's Christening and for Noah's Spiderman Birthday Party...Aren't they gorgeous! I am totally in love with them, I have been staring at them all day!
I haven't posted them yet, I want to try and get little magnets to stick onto the backs but I'm not sure where I would get them from. They may have to go without :-(
But I think they are great anyway, and Noah loves his Spiderman invite! Very happy people here at my house! Now I just have to organise the food....


Samantha said...

Nice work! They look great!

dani_luigi said...

Oh they look great.

Do they have bigw or k-mart near you? Or a scrapbooking store.

You can get rolls of magnet tape for a few $$

Craig & Robyn said...

Thanks Dani! I did think of perhaps a scrap booking shop, unfortunately there aren't any shops like that in Del and I'm not going to Launceston until Tuesday...But never fear - I found some on trusty ol' eBay for $5 and with FREE POSTAGE! And they posted them this morning so they should arrive by Tuesday anyway. Much easier than me searching all over town for them!
Hooray! :-)

Melany aka Supermom said...

Those are so beautiful.

chantelle said...

Oh they are awesome!! Can you send me them, even though I won't be able to come? Only if you have spares