Monday, July 09, 2007

The Things Noah Says...

We were sitting down to eat tea tonight before Craig had to go to work and Noah was mucking around not eating, and the two of them come up with this...

Noah: If you're happy and you know it clap your hands
Craig: If you're happy and you know it eat your tea
Noah: If you're happy and you know it go to work

Smart-ass ;-)

And then we were waiting for Jason to pick Craig up so we sat outside (rugged up with our coats on of course!) and Noah pipes up with this song...

Do you want to meet my Daddy, my Daddy, my Daddy...Oh you don't? Ok - game over!

If I can get him to do it again I will record it because it was hilarious! Especially when he puts in some of those famous facials he has :-)


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Noah is so cute. It is funny what they come up with.
The pictures of Kaiden are so darling. He always looks so happy. He has a really cute smile.
I think Noah looks like your husband and your little Kaiden looks like you. Do you get that alot?
They are to cute.

Craig & Robyn said...

Yep, we get that all the time! And it's very true - Noah looks just like Craig. He always has. They have the exact same coloured eyes and the same facial features, it's pretty scary how much of a mini-Craig Noah is! They even have the same running style!
And I definately think Kaiden has my eyes, and he has my darker skin too.
Personality wise, Noah and Kaiden are exactly the same though. Very laid back and easy going.
I wonder if Kaiden will be a smarty-pants like Noah...just imagine the things TWO of them could come up with!

Samantha said...

haha thats so funny! Cheeky devil.
Will be funny if they do have a similar personality... look out world its Noah and Kaiden!

Robin D said...

I love it! You better watch out once Kaiden starts talking, Noah is going to teach him all sorts of things!

daniellerussell309 said...

he's so funny!


I still finding myself giggling at that everytime I think bout it, it's just priceless :P