Saturday, July 14, 2007

Our Lazy Sunday...On A Saturday!

Today the kids and I have done nothing. Not a thing. Both the boys are still in the pyjama's! I only got out of mine because I dropped my breakfast on them! That is really REALLY lazy isn't it. Well, we didn't need to go anywhere or do anything and I still feel a bit sick so we veged out and watched Spiderman (what else?!) and this afternoon we got a bit creative... Here's what Noah and I finally got up to -

We made a cubby house and Noah sat in there to have his lunch, play with some toys and read a book before he pulled it down, declaring that the cubby house "was making him sick"...Ok then!

Then we made a robot...And a dinosaur which looks nothing like a dinosaur so he got the flick! And what's a robot without a robot house! Complete with a bed, a couch, a TV playing a Spiderman movie, a ladder, three chimmney's and a garden. Robot luxury! Noah has been playing with this for half an hour...will post a video soon :-)


Melany aka Supermom said...

That looks like so much fun!!! BTW sorry about the fight you had due to being honest on your know how honest I can be...I think in a way people have gotten used to it

Stepherz said...

You, quite obviously, are the coolest mommy EVER! Why have I never thought to make a little doll house for Bella out of boxes? Why don't I make more forts with her out of blankets? You so totally rock!