Thursday, June 21, 2007

More "Keeping Kaiden Happy" Tricks!

Glued to the TV watching Hi5...Hooray for Hi5!

Batteries in his play gym...half an hour of giggles for him and uninterrupted Home And Away time for me last night:-)

Some Jolly Jumping time...According to Noah, Kaiden is wearing his Captain Jack Sparrow Hat....Ha ha ha :-)

But the winner is...

Good old Bread And Butter...I have no idea if this is suitable food for a 6 month old or not, but it's kept him happy for nearly 20 minutes!!

1 comment:

Samantha said...

Aww hes so cute! Shame its not the wiggles he likes... I dont like hi 5. For some stupid reason I know a few of the wiggles songs... cripes how sad am I... oh well. Going to be an aunty soon might come in handy.