Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I can't believe my baby is two!
It seems like no time at all since we made our way to the hospital and sat around waiting, waiting, waiting to go into theatre. It was 12.54pm when little Kaiden John made his way out, screaming his lungs out! He was so tiny, only 6lb and 49cm. The first few days he just slept all the time and had to be tube fed. It was awful, having him in the Special Care Unit and not with me. But after a week in hospital, we were finally home. Just in time for christmas!
Kaiden was such a good baby...he pretty much never cried and by 7 1/2 weeks he was sleeping all night.
He was such a cute baby...beautiful olive skin, jet black hair and big blue eyes. He was so snuggley, I used to spend hours just cuddling him. I couldn't put him down.
As soon as Kaiden could sit up, he was fascinated with balls. He would lean in to catch them when you rolled one to him. At Auskick and Soccer this year, he picked up the skills and started kicking a ball. He loves going to watch his Daddy play basketball, he just wants to play.
Kaiden is such a little boy. He loves being "ah-side, ah-side" :-) He loves Hi5 and Thomas The Tank Engine, and food! I've never seen a kid eat so much!
Kaiden is the best little boy in the world, he is our special little man and we love him so much. We are so lucky to have him...
Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Kaiden :-)


Samantha said...

OMG I can't believe he is 2!!! Happy Birthday gorgeous boy!!!

Dani, Luke and Ten said...

Happy Birthday Kaiden.
What a nice message from your beautiful mummy!!!


Brissmiths said...

Happy birthday Kaidens! Can't believe our little K's are now two! Susan

Anonymous said...

It's VERY very late but a big happy birthday to him!!!