Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Who knew a 5 year olds birthday could wear me out so much?! What a week!
First, we had to make 26 cup cakes to take to school on Tuesday...Noah was so excited!When he got there, they had made him a little birthday crown to wear and they all sang Happy Birthday to him. He loved it!
Wednesday was his actual birthday, so after pancakes for breakkie we went to the Raspberry Farm for lunch with Nanny was delicious! When they found out it was Noah's birthday, they bought him out a little muffin with a candle in it for him. It was so nice of them! Then we headed off to Soccer and then had tea with all the Nan & Pop's and Uncle Trav. Was a great night!
Then....then we had the birthday party on Saturday! Yep, me and 15 kids running around my house! Craig was playing football so luckily my wonderful Mum came to help - thank you Mum!!! But surprisingly, there wasn't really much to do. The kids were so well fights, no tears and I managed to not lose any of them! We had a pirate theme, the kids loved their little goody bags I made - three of them took them for show and tell at school yesterday!
And Noah was so spoilt with presents, he is the luckiest little boy ever! So phew - all over for another year....I'll need that long to psych myself up for the next one I think!!


Mike, Torie and Boys said...

Happy Birthday cute Noah.
It looks like he had a great day.
He is darling....

Dani, Luke and Ten said...

You did an amazing job - No wonder you were tired!!!!

supermom said...

Looks like had a wonderful birthday celebration