Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What A Busy Weekend...

On Saturday we went to Joseph's 5th birthday party. It was so much fun! The weather was perfect so all the kiddies could play outside, then it was inside time for lunch and games. Pass The Parcel is always fun, then they played Pin-The-Pirate-On-The-Treasure-Chest - which Noah won! He managed to put his Pirate right on the Treasure Chest, I was very proud :-) It was such a great day, Kaiden had a great time too.

After we left Joseph's we headed back to Deloraine to watch Craig play football...they lost, but not by much! Noah had a great time running around with all the other kids, pitty it got so cold though!

Then Chantelle, Karina and I headed out for tea. We had Thai and it was YUM! We had a few drinkies and headed out for a bit of a dance, must be getting old though - I was home by 12.30am!

Sunday morning we had Auskick, Noah did so well. Craig was working so Noah really had to listen and do it everything without Craig's help, he is getting much better. It was so muddy down at the football ground, as I found out when I got roped into playing Scarecrow! There was no way on earth I was crawling around in the mud so I ended up chasing the kidlets all over the place...and some of them can run I'll tell ya!

After Auskick, Noah went to the farm with my Dad so Kaiden and I curled up for an afternoon nap :-)

And last night, we all went to the movies! Chantelle and I went and saw Sex And The City, I loved it! It wasn't quite as good as I thought it was going to be, but it was awesome all the same! Craig took Noah and Kaiden to see Kung Fu Panda... it was Kaiden's first time at the movies and he did so well. Even if he didn't quite make it through all the movie :-)
And that was our busy weekend....

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anne said...

ohoh I saw Sex and the City too!! Loved it.
I so miss that show.
Max went with his Aunts to see Kung-Fu Panda...he loved it and talked about it for days.