Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Four Little Munchkins...

On Sunday night Lachie and Hayley came for a sleep over! They have never stayed the night here before and I was a bit worried about how they would go...but they were great! We had tea and then they ran around like psycho's all night!
Noah and Hayley top-and-tailed in Noah's bed and Lachie had a very comfy little bed made up with the couch cushions on the floor in Noah's room.
They all had such a great time, and there were no tears or fights - they got along so well. I loved having them, they can come any time!!


Samantha said...

too cute!
It looks like they all had a great time!

Stepherz said...

Such adorable kiddos. Tell me, how did you get those pictures to kick to the side like that? Is there a program you use? It's super neat!