Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Quick Update!

I haven't written anything on here for ages...I've been lazy!! It's so much easier to just post photo's!
We haven't been up to much yet we seem to be really does that work?!

Noah is absolutely loving school. He comes home everyday and tells us what he has been doing and who he has made friends with. He loves Thursdays because it is library day. And he is always wanting to take something for show and tell.
The week before last I went for "parent help" felt so strange not only going back to my old school and my old class room, but my OLD TEACHER! Yep, Noah's teacher Mrs Terry was my grade one teacher! I cna't say I have many fond memories of her, but she seems great as the Kinder teacher this year. Perhaps it's just my memory playing tricks on me!
Anyway parent help was so much fun!! We read books and did some patterns, I helped the kids on the computer. One girl took a particular liking to me though - she came up and patted my hair and told me I smelt nice! Um, I guess thats nice??!!
Last Thursday the Kinders were supposed to have an obsticle course race as part of the school's cross country but it rained. So they did a little one inside instead. It was fun to watch! Noah had a terrific time! He is so confident at school, whether it be the obstacle race or the school work. He is really doing well and seems in his element. He comes home everyday and sits at his table "writing" and practicing his letters. He can write his name without even thinking about it, which is absolutely wonderful since there are quite a few kids in his class which seem to be still struggling with that.
He is still in the drawing phase. And he is so good at it! He loves drawing animals and cars and trucks. He has such a wonderful imagination. The other day he came out and he had drawn a person complete with arms and legs, which he had cut down the middle so they could move. Very clever!!
He has been going to Auskick...and he is struggling a bit. Which seems odd since he is so confident at school. We had a few tears last Saturday and he said he didn't want to do it anymore. But we stayed to watch and he eventually joined in and loved it! He just seems a bit lost there, and he seems to have trouble listening to the instructions and carrying them out. So we really followed him around last week and explained things to him personally. He seemed much better while we were doing that. I guess it's also hard because he is the youngest there nearly and some of the older kids have been doing it for longer than him. But he'll be right!

Kaiden is turning into such a little boy!! He has gotten three more teeth - two on the bottom and one on the top, all sort of up the back. Not sure what those teeth are called but they are the big ones! He has been so happy and easy going about it, although I have had to dope him up occassionally!
He is back to sleeping all night after a few rough weeks, and he is no longer being wrapped up! Which I think has made all the difference in the world. He is content to just cuddle his blanket instead. I am so glad it was easy for him to make the transition from being wrapped to being unwrapped! I thought it would be a major hurdle but I was so wrong. Thank goodness!!!
He has grown a lot in the last couple of months. He is now 11.84kg (in between the 50th and 75th percentiles), 82cm tall (75th percentile) and his head is 49cm (90th percentile). Yes, he has a boof head!! Ha ha!! Both my kids have really big heads, Noah's is off the charts now!
But Kaiden is doing so well, he was on just the 10th percentile for everything when he was born so he is really making it up now.
He is eating like there is no tomorrow - still! This kid seriously eats more than I do some days! He will eat a full meal, he snacks all day long - it's a never ending thing! When we were at Auskick the other day, he had eaten all the food I took for him and he spotted a packet of Tiny Teddies in another little boys bag - so he ran over and screamed until the lady gave them to him!! Luckily I knew here and she didn't mind but I will be sure to pack even MORE food for this weekend!!
Kaiden is really going through a copying stage. He will copy EVERYTHING that Noah does. If Noah sits to draw, Kaiden will sit to draw. If Noah spins around, Kaiden will spin around. It's so cute!!!

So that's an update on the kidlets, and I'm sick of typing!!!
Hope you are all having a wonderful day!!!


Robin D said...

That is great that Noah loves school so much! Hopefully he'll keep it up over the years. He's so smart, I can't get over that he already draws! Its so fun (and a little hard!)to see them growing up so fast.
Kalli is also in the copying stage. She drives Kaiden crazy sometimes. She'll even go sit in timeout b/c Kaiden did! Too silly!

Samantha said...

I can't believe that woman is still there!!! She was my prep teacher.

I am glad he is loving school. Good on him.It sounds like he is going great guns. I used to love school... until I got to year 11.