Monday, March 10, 2008

An Awesome Weekend!!

The kids and I have had a great weekend! Cara came out on Friday, I hadn't seen her in what seemed like ages! She stayed Friday night so we had a few drinks and a good old gossip, we even had time for a bit of stalking on facebook :-P Ha ha ha!
Then on Saturday we went out to the Raspberry Farm for lunch. It was so nice to just sit outside and let the kids amuse themselves. And the food was DELICIOUS!!
The Saturday night we had a few more drinkies and watched The Dukes Of Hazard...I love that movie! It's hilarious!
It was so nice of Cara to come and stay all weekend to keep me company, and it was so cute to watch her and Kaiden bond over popcorn! My two little popcorn piggies :-)

Thanks for a great weekend Cara...we love you!!! xoxo

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Samantha said...

OMG check out those raspberries!! there is nothing like the fresh ones!!! I miss raspberry season!

Looks like you guys had a great weekend!