Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Night Out And About....

Last night Chantelle and I went to the big social event of the year...The bull ride :-P Ha ha! After paying our $15 to get thru the gate, we realised the bull riding had actually finished...yep, we missed the whole thing! Then I spent the whole night being pestered by a security guard for taking my drinks out of the wet area. Seriously, I think he was stalking me! I couldn't get away with anything! But Cruel Like That played and they were great. We spent the night dancing away and having heaps of fun! Good times!
Me and CC :-)Mmm...Craig took this. Not really sure what it was meant to be off! But I'm in love with my new belt so I though I would post a picci of it!
Nosey and I!
Nosey and CC
Here's Chantelle working her magic on an unsuspecting guy named Dave :-P


kat said...

i love your white top! it's so nice! how can you wear white and not get dirty? lol

Craig & Robyn said...

Ha ha ha - you should have seen it when I got home! The same ****** who trod on my foot also climbed up on stage and then threw his drink charmer hey :-S