Sunday, January 20, 2008

Congratulations Tania And Andrew!!!

Tania walking down the the rain!!
Tania and Andrew with Tania's parents, Barry and Robyn
Craig and I
Craig's Mum Jill with Megan and I :-)
Family time...Me, Craig, Darrel, Jill, Megan and Travis!
Craig and I
Travis and Megan
Me and Trav!
Craig with his brother Travis and his Dad
Me and Megan!

Craig's cousin Adam and Mel
Craig's cousin Brett with Deirdre and Wyatt
Tania and Andrew cutting the cake
Baby freakin' cute!!! :-)
Craig and Adam...charming isn't he!


dani_luigi said...

How is it that you can have too kids and wear a dress like that.

Looks like it was a great night all around.

anne said...

I love weddings.

Your dress is so cute. How can you wear a dress that hot? i would look like MRS. Mcfatty in it!! :) You are a hot mama!

kat said...

wow! you are so brown! and love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Love the dress, you look so tiny!! How did you squish two kids in to that body of yours?!
Foxy mama!!!