Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Kimmy's Hen's Night!!

Saturday night I went to Kimmy's hens night, and it was so much fun! We caught a bus into Launceston and went to Smokey Joe's for tea. That was...interesting! We all ordered chicken...which consisted of half a chicken (which was actually very yum!) with a choice of potato salad, fries or baked potato and salad. Mmm...the salad was a piece of lettuce the size of Kaiden's hand and one slice of tomato! And you either got a handful of chips or half a dozen little squares of potato salad to go with it! I don't know how someone can serve up a meal that looks like that!!
But we had lots of drinks and lots of laughs and then a few more drinks! :-P We headed up to the casino for a while and I somehow managed to turn my $20 into $335 on the roulette table!! Woo-hoo!! Made my night :-)

Sars and I


Mmm...our yummy tea!! Ha ha!

Kimmy trying to fit in her salad!

Um, don't ask!!

Kimmy and THAT cake! He he he :-)

CC and I!

Chantelle, Sars and I on the bus home!


Chantelle said...

Haha good times! Some classic photos of kimmy there... hehe. I still can't believe that salad! Good work to still have your green notes! Or did you buy the outdoor setting with your winnings? Either way it's nice, lets hope the rain stays away for Kaiden's B'day Sat!

kat said...

oops! roulette you say.. excellent. you girls all look so gorgeous in those photos! and your nose piercing looks really good too doll..

kat said...

oh, p.s that salad is awful.. lol i can't believe it!!