Monday, December 17, 2007

Kaiden's Birthday Party!

We had a little party for Kaiden on Saturday, just friends and family over for a bbq lunch. Kaiden hated it. Every single second of it!!! He had only been out of bed for about an hour before people started arriving and by 12.30pm he was back in his bedroom hiding! Anti-social little thing! 4.30pm he decided to get out of bed...everyone except my neice and nephew had gone home! So no one saw him, I got no photo's and all his presents were still wrapped. He's no fun at all!! But we all had a great party, Noah had the best time playing with all the kids. So we celebrated his birthday, even if Kaiden wasn't interested in it!!
Saturday night Paul and Diana came around and Noah had such a great time playing with Yasmin and Zoe. It was such a fun night! Lots of drinks and lots and lots of laughs!!! Can't wait to post the video's ;-)
Opening pressie's with Nanny Jill

Yep - this couch is pretty comfy!

Nanny Jill and Poppy Daz bought this....a book that folds into a fire engine! So cute!!

Jayden :-)

Lunch time!

The cake - white chocolate mudcake. Yum yum yum!!!

My boys and I :-)

Lachie and Noah :-)

Finally opening his presents...

More presents...he was so spoilt :-)


Samantha said...

Hahaha you can't help but laugh with him hiding. Its so cute! Sounds like me, hiding from my own birthdays!

He looks like he got very spoilt and had a good time in the end!

Randy, Crystal, and Kaiden said...

Our Kaiden is the same way with parties and big groups of people! This is the first year that he was actually able to handle having a party - still it was hard for him.

It looks like your Kaiden had a fine time once the people cleared out. And what a neat gift that firetruck book is!!

Don't you wish you could press a magic "pause" button and make them stop growing until you're ready?