Friday, November 16, 2007

Weight Update!

My baby was 11 months old yesterday! Only one more month until his first birthday...where has the time gone?! Seems like only yesterday he was a tiny (and I mean tiny!) little bubba.
He hasn't grown much the last two months, only 2cm yet he has put on well over a theory is he is going to be short and fat with a big boof head- oh yay! Ha ha ha :-)

Noah at 11 months
Weight - 10.64kg (23lb 7oz)
Length - 77cm (30.8in)
HC - 48.9cm
Teeth - 5!

Kaiden at 11 months
Weight - 10.06kg (22lb 06oz)
Length - 74.5cm (29.8in)
HC - 48.5cm
Teeth - 6!

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Susan, Brett, baby Kaiden and fur-child Harry said...

I know, not long now that the Kaidens will be one. The birthday party invites went out yesterday..the cake is in planning...oh our babies are growing up way too fast. Susan