Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Great Weekend!

I have had the best weekend, lots of fun! I'm so worn out though that there isn't going to be much typing here, I'm off to bed to catch up on my sleep!
Friday I went and did something I have wanted to do for ages...I got my nose pierced! He he he :-) Thanks Dani for all your help...even if you did freak me out by talking about NEEDLES all day :-P
Friday night Amy came round and we had a few drinks, a bit of girl time was exactly what I needed. The last few weeks have been total crappola and it was just what I needed to cheer myself up!
Saturday the boys and I went to Launceston and hung out with Trav and Megan all afternoon. Noah had the best time playing Superheroes with Trav, he's the best Uncle ever :-)
And Saturday night by wonderful Mum and Dad looked after the boys for the night while I had some time out. So I went to Miss Amy's and we had some drinks. It was so much fun just the two of us! Before we knew it, it was 12.30pm so we did a mad dash for the pub before it shut! There was hardly anyone out, I think the two of us made up half the number of girls there! But we had the best time hanging out with the boys, lots of drinks and lots of laughs!
And Chantelle came home!!! Yay!!! I was so excited to see her!!
So that was my awesome weekend, I hope the week will be as equally as good!


kat said...

love the nose ring! it looks great doll.. xox

daniellerussell309 said...

Agreed. V cool. :-) Next is the tongue? I can't convince u that one doesn't hurt...:-P

Craig & Robyn said...

Ha ha...I think this will do me for awhile Dani! Maybe one day :-P

Stepherz said...

LOVE the piercing! I'd get mine done if it wouldn't draw more attention to enormous nose! ;-)