Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Strange, Strange, Strange...

Here is Kaiden asleep in his cot yesterday...

And yes this is still Kaiden asleep -

with his eyes open!
He does this a lot, but this is the worst (is that the right word?!) I have seen him. He had his eyes almost fully open, and his little eye balls were moving around so much. It really freaks me out. Especially when he stares at me yet I know he isn't actually seeing me.

And this is him after I had to wake him up.

He was in such a deep sleep I practically had to yell at him. I moved him around, unwrapped him, turned the light on, talked to him. And nothing. The poor little guy, he was sound asleep. And judging by his wandering eyes, perhaps having a dream about something wonderful!

But he soon recovered when he discovered his toy basket - full of little Kaiden toys to keep him entertained!


chantelle said...

That's really weird... I've never seen someone asleep with their eyes open before! It would freak me out too!

Samantha said...

Wow... strange! My cousin used to sleep with her eyes open and scare the heck out of everyone. I wonder why it happens.
Its kind of cute though... it looks like he is that tired he has gone to sleep but things are still so interesting he couldn't close his eyes