Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I Am Completely Wisdom-Less Today...

I have just done a quick trip to the dentist. I am now missing $125 and a wisdom tooth. Oh hoo-freakin'-ray...Can't wait for the numbness to wear off :-(


So six hours have passed now and the good stuff has officially worn off. On a scale of one to ten, ten being child birth, I give it an 8/8.5. It really really really really REALLY hurts. I want to cry. This sucks.


So another four hours have passed...and its pretty much not sore anymore! Yay! I doped myself up on the panadol (it says to take two but no one really does they?!). So four hours and four panadol later I feel fine! I thought the panadol would have worn off by now so I'm crossing my fingers that this is really it and it isn't going to keep me up all night...we all know how much I love my sleep!
And I'd like to point out thought that, while I hate going to the dentist as a rule, I love my dentist! He is awesome! And for an oldy, not bad looking ;-) He told me he was going to "clean my tooth"...five minutes later I said that it wasn't sore anymore to which he replied "that's because I numbed it. I'm going to pull it out". I seriously didn't even feel him give me the needle! Amazing. Where was he when I was having my children?


daniellerussell309 said...

Here's to hoping the pain is not too strong once the anaesthetic has worn off...poor thing!

dani_luigi said...

Ouch..hope your feeling better soon xx

Samantha said...

All I can say is ... OUCH!
I hate dentists... all they seem to do is cause pain to your mouth or your pocket.
Hope it doesn't hurt to much once the good stuff wears off.