Thursday, July 05, 2007

Random Pic's!

Kaiden's "surprised" look!

Kaiden playing the air guitar :-)

Who looks this happy when they first wake up?!

Noah helping to cook tea

Giggle Pot!

Playing with Roy...Noah's new best friend :-)

Kaiden playing with Karen...

Roy's rocket-ship - Noah was super impressed!

A Noey close up!


Robin D said...

I love Kaiden's surprised look with his hair sticking up! Cute pics and a ver cool rocket ship!

Samantha said...

naw so cute!!!!
is that stuff octa-builder or whatever it was called? I havent seen that stuff for yonks!

Craig & Robyn said...

i have no idea what its called, but you could be right sam! it's really old, it was chantelle's when she was little! it was heaps of fun!