Monday, July 02, 2007

Kaiden's Last Chance...

On Friday night, Kaiden kept me awake for hours because he was TALKING IN HIS SLEEP.

On Saturday night, he was half asleep/half awake from MIDNIGHT until 6.30AM - screaming. I think he may have had a tummy ache judging from the 10am nappy I had to change...

And last night, he was crabby AGAIN. I have no idea why. He sat and watched Ice Age for all of about 5 minutes...So his last chance before me selling him on eBay was to enjoy his bath.

And thank goodness he did! Noah was great with him, entertaining him and splashing him with water to make him giggle.

Noah had a big day yesterday, he went to the farm with my Dad in the morning and his cousins came to play in the afternoon. Then he spent half the night helping me entertain Kaiden...poor little fella couldn't even make it to bed last night. Here he is passed out on the lounge room floor!

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Robin D said...

Sorry he's been so crabby lately. Maybe its time you sent him back to your mom's!