Monday, July 16, 2007

I wrote my post on Saturday night because this has been an on-going issue with me for as far back as I can remember. I didn't post it so people would feel sorry for me, and I certainly didn't post it to be nasty. I feel better for having written something so honest and I find it amazing that so many "annonymous" people left me comments...I never get comments from people who won't leave their name so I find it very odd that they chose to do so over a post that was not what I would call a "happy" post. Why don't whoever you are leave me comments when I post about Noah reading Rabbit Foo Foo like a chipmunk or Kaiden giggling in his jolly jumper?!


Anyway, I want to say something to my sister while I am here -

I think this arguing has become somewhat of a habit and I think we should both make the effort to move on. I want my kids to know yours. I'm so totally sick of fighting! Luv ya Ally, so call me xoxo


ally said...

Hi... I too am sick to death of fighting..i am sick of having to watch everything the kids and I say and do and wear incase we offend you.
I would love us to be closer..realsitically we may never be as close as other families and as other siblings... mabye too much has happened between us but I am willing to give it 110% to try and fix things. I will warn you tho, this will be the very last time..if things don't work out this time..for whatever reason (and no thats not implying it will be your fault)..thats it.
I look forward to hearing your thoughts and I hope that this will work out, not just for the kids but for us too

Craig & Robyn said...

Ally...I have to say reading the above comment I was a little thrown because of the way you said what you said. It seemed a bit harsh and was what I felt like I always hear from you. But after reading your email that you sent...Ally it melted my heart. I know you want it kept private and I totally respect that. I guess I just want everyone who reads this to know that, now we have both gotten everything out in the open, that our issues are not with each other. We just take them out on each other. For whatever reason! And I have to say reading your email was like talking to a you that I don't think I have ever met before - I like her a lot, I hope she sticks around :-)

ally said...

Hey there...your comment is gr8, definately leave it on here!!
Thankyou for listening, and thankyou for your kind words in your email....and have fun cleaning up the mess Noah just gave you to fill your night in!!!

dani_luigi said...

Hi Robyn,

I'm a little late to this, I just wanted to say that I love reading you blog and have been a bit sad lately because our internet speed died so I find it hard to view your blog as you have quite alot of video content attached.

I'm a young mum and I know how important family support was for myself so I can only imagine what it was like to have a child without that family support. No family is perfect but were family so idealy we should all find a way to deal with any situation that comes our way. Sadly that doesn't always happen, we get hurt in the process and just need to find a way to get past it and continue on with our lives.

Nobody can tell you what to write on your blog because it's your free space to say what ever you feel like. I often feel like I whinge too much or go off tangent but I'm a whinger, all my friends know that and it's part of who I am. I think it's great that your branching out, expressing how you feel and not just posting the "happy stuff".

If we always post about the happy stuff I feel like I'm hiding who I really am, because with the happy comes the bad.

I think your such a great Mum Robyn, your posts and photos always show the true family you are and the true parents you are trying to be for your boys.

I really hope things work out with your family and you can put the past behind you, if not I wish you all the best either way xxx

Melany aka Supermom said...

I hope things change for the best. I hope that you guys can sort this out.
I also find people comment more when I'm upset lol Human nature I suppose