Sunday, June 17, 2007

Imogen And Kaiden :-)

Zoe and Jase bought Imogen out for a visit today, she is so adorable! She was born six days before Kaiden, but she seems so much older than him. She is almost crawling, she kind of does the commando crawl that all kids seem to do! So she can move around all over the place. She even looks a lot older than Kaiden in the face I think, he still looks quite babyish.

But that's fine by me, I like baby Kaiden :-) I'm sure it won't be long and he'll be catching up to her, I'm quite happy for him to take his time!

Imogen had a turn in Kaiden's jolly jumper. She had never been in one before - and she LOVED it! She was so cute, she had her little legs going a million miles an hour and I swear she was trying to run. Maybe we've got a little sprinter on our hands...

Anyway, I had a great day and I think the kiddies did too! And Zoe - anytime you need a babysitter let me know, I could cuddle Immy all day :-)

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daniellerussell309 said...

It must be so weird when two babies get together...they look fascinated that SOMEONE is the same size as them!!
Love the holding hands pic...hehe...gorgeous.